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Sport Layout activation for Audi A4/A5/Q5 B9, Q7 4M, A3/TT MK3 after 100km. Contact us with the MMI software version before your purchase.

Sport Layout Activation

  • It actives the Sport Layout for AudiA4/A5/Q5 B9, Q7 4M, TT/A3 MK3 with Virtual Cockpit. 

    $200USD for AudiA4/A5/Q5 B9, Q7 4M, $250USD/$300USD for TT/A3 MK3, depending on the MMI version. $150USD for tool deposit, the deposit will be refunded to you when the next customer received the tools, and you also have to pay the shipping cost when you ship the tool to the next customer.

    No installation and disassembly at all. You are also able to switch between classical and sport layout with factory method. No error codes on the VC/MMI unit.

  • Email for details.

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